Corporate Transition Success Path Program
In these times of uncertainty, it is important to use your Purpose GPS™ to know where you should go from here. Companies that care about their soon to be downsized employees enroll in our Corporate Transition Path Program™. This program helps outplaced individuals to discover their purpose, land a job, prepare for their next employer and train them in the skills to start their own business.

Program Benefits
Every person enrolled in our program will receive a personalized action plan, participate in purpose discovery activities, take assessments that will identify the best career or business that’s designed especially for them, and help them to start living their life on purpose!

Certified Purposed Transition Coaches
Our Purpose Discovery Coaches are licensed and certified professional trainers with 15+ years of experience working in a corporate environment and in the career transition & outplacement industry. We are committed to making your transitioning employees’ career path successful!

Our Client Testimonial
“A Purposed Transition provided expertise to the County Executive Office Exempt workforce (CEO appointees) in the area of career transition. The presenter exceed our expectations in her style and delivery of information in the workshops. The trainer demonstrated her knowledge and command of the subject matter in a way that was engaging and valuable to our employees.” - Tish KingHR Director